Jefferson Youth Basketball was established in August of 2005 to provide a feeder system of skilled players for the Jefferson High School basketball programs. One of its primary goals is to create same level competition for both girls and boys in grades 3-8. The focus will be on skills/fundamentals. However, equally important will be to teach life lessons and instill traits such as good sportsmanship, team unity and community. There will be an emphasis placed on developing passion, respect and knowledge of the game of basketball for the purpose of gaining experience to prepare for high school level basketball.

We enroll using an electronic system


Registration for Basketball – Fall 2014

3-8th girls registration- October-5th 7pm at HS Commons 3-8th boys registration-Oct-12th 7pm at HS Commons

Hoops For Hope Brackets (Boys) 3rd Grade

Hoops For Hope Brackets (Girls) 3rd Grade

March Tournament 8th Grade Boys and Girls

Basketball Camps

The Lou Chapman Basketball Camp – Oct-19th thru Oct 21st

JYB Basketball Tournaments – Fall 2015

December-12-13 (4-8th girls tournament)

December-19-(4-8 boys tournament)

Hoops For Hope (3rd Grade Boys & Girls)Feb 6th

Feb-21st-(4th girls and 4th boys tournament)

March-12th-(5-8th¬†Boy’s tournament)

March-13th 5th-8th(Girl’s Tournament)

2015-2016 Jefferson Youth Sports Handbook


Coaches Code of Conduct

Contact Us For Information: Chuck Moehling Jefferson Youth Basketball Email: Cell: 920-397-6124